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Home Updated: 5/20/05 - It's a sad day when this date changes Business Lists

We treat customers in the same manner that we expect to be treated. If a company fails to meet those expectations, then they are simply put on the list. Sounds harmless, but I should mention that a company on the Den's Business list means we do not patronize that company again until they rectify the situation. From a bottom line perspective, I am sure this does not mean much to a company, however, all of my friends and most of my acquaintances are aware of the entries and many choose to honor the boycott. Every company has a competitor, choose to disrespect us, and we will find others more worthy of are hard earned money.

The Business List
  1. Sprint
  2. ChemLawn
  3. Sherman's
  4. Best Buy
  5. Grimm's Appliance
  6. Red Carpet Car Wash
  7. Olive Garden
  8. Terry Wynn Tire Center (Goodyear)
  9. Toughman Promoters
  10. International House of Pancakes (Peoria IL)
  11. Rio
Removed from the Business List
  1. Golf Learning Center - 6/9/03