Our Symphony

National Objectives
Our Symphony
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To study and practice the goodness of life, the beauty of art, the meaning of music.

To sing the song of sincerity and universal peace.

To speak the words that build, that bless, and comfort.

To play the harpstrings of loving kindness, tolerence, appreciation, and genuine gratitude.

To strive for the joy of simplicity, for the noble, to be faithful over a few things.

To listen, to be still and know the harmony from within.

To falter never in seeking loving service, wisdom, and understanding.

In a word, to be loyal to Sigma Alpha Iota and her teachings; to find joy, hope, inspiration; to remember that "every good gift, and every perfect gift is free from above" and "whatsoever ye do, do it heartily as to the Lord, not unto men."

And again to practice.

This is to be our Symphony.

Esther Requarth, Nu