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11/12/02 The Ring Recommended from a VCD viewing (shouts to SIC)- saw in Theater (take that RIAA idiots)
7 1 7 2 3 - water + sweater:you figure it out
Okay, a friend of mine recommended that my wife and I go see this movie based on his viewing of a VCD (note, I would have never paid for this movie had it not been for VCD, so Lucas can take his "end of the world" scenario and shove it up his *ss - but I digress). I can safely say that I haven't seen a creepier - mind warping movie since "The Shining". From the onset, it hooked me in tight and held me that way to the very end. It contained a cleverly weaved plot which kept me guessing (and usually wrong) at every turn. This is a must see for any true horror-suspense fanatic and in my opinion ranks right up there with the classics like "The Shining" and "Psycho". By the way, I don't want to give away anything in the movie, but give some thought to the picture scribbling. A lot of people missed the entire significance of those events and what it was trying to convey - some of the members of our viewing party gave the ol' "aaaahhhh" when we clued them in after the movie 8^).

Likes: Accelerated cut flash backs to the victims - hold your disappointment when they refrain from showing you something you think you want to see - it gets resolved later - 'nuff said!

Dislikes: My wife is an avid horse lover - the ferry scene just about put her over the edge 8^). I think she even squeaked similar to when she saw the poodle lunch in "Interview with a Vampire" (if you haven't explored the site, she's and avid Poodle lover as well)

Bad Scripting Moment:Not entirely sure why you would build a cabin there, but oh well!

What Were They Thinking: It really only takes one power appliance to kill yourself in a bathtub - probably went a little overboard there.
9/1/02 Triple X VCD 4 4 6 4 1
To be honest, I may have had too high of expectations on this movie. I had previously watched The Fast and the Furious and was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining that movie was. My hopes were riding on Vin Diesel to bring new blood to the dying action hero genre to replace the likes of Schwarzenegger (think "Jingle All The Way"), Segal (think of Krispy Kremes), Stallone (think "Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot") ... you get the picture. Although Vin has the look, he wasn't able to pull off the smooth and sly international spy so brilliantly played by the likes of Sean Connery in the Ian Flemming classics. To his credit, he did make me laugh with some of his one liners and the first 30 minutes had enough action stunts to get the ol' adrenaline pumping. The plot was somewhat thought out and a welcome change from the "someone did me wrong now I must inflict a hundred fold revenge" storylines that we have been barraged with lately. I sure hope Diesel gets another movie to showcase his abilities. Just be sure and keep him away from anything with Segal or anything to do with men having babies - sorry Arnold (Junior), but that was the kiss of death for you.

Likes: The opening car stunt was excellent, the running dart gun gag went over well, and the GTO was sweet (bring on those "Furious" imports).

Dislikes: The cycle jumps in the drug camp were over the top, the snowboard ride was just plain stupid, and the cafe scene was stolen from the "Men in Black" target range.

Bad Scripting Moment: Vin determining that the drug camp wasn't staged because he could smell real blood on the machette

What Were They Thinking: Most people would scream when thrown over a cliff, but apparently the guard Diesel threw off of the ledge didn't care. Can someone tell me why a 'Q' wannabe would put a harpoon in the back seat?