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9/1/02 The intent of this area was to have a place to put content that did not fit under the existing categories. The Den has been going for over five years now and has moved into a number of different areas that were never considered when I started this little project. One thing I learned was to never restrict yourself with navigation systems. Fortunately, with the latest conversion, I was able to address all of the existing content into the updated wolf indexes. As a result, I do not have anything that I need to put here just yet.

My recommendation is to periodically check this area, for my creative side is always to trying to bust out from the analytical hell I live in as a result of choosing a career in the computer industry ...[fade to individual cracking an egg in a frying pan] this is your brain, this is your brain performing a design review on a 12,000 line Java class file that some idiot consultant thinks is actually maintainable - maintainable in the since he will be long gone before the next enhancement cycle. And they actually wonder why we laugh every time they flaunt their Java Certification papers in our faces and claim they know what their doing 8^)

... sorry, I digress, although I think from now on I will use this area for my RANT pages. See, another idea I didn't consider in the new design. Oh well, at least I have a holder for it until I get tired of this motif and decide to convert everything again!