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Feature: Guitar Design Entry
Artist: Brian Doerfler
DS-Series Information:
DS-S: Shadow Wolf: This model would represent the base version of the DS-Wolf line. The signature base shape is taken from the free spirit of the majestic wolf. This unique shape provides a natural rest for the strumming arm (through indentation formed from the transition of the head to the muzzle). The fretboard consists of 24 frets that lead to a set of humbuckers controlled by a standard 5 position toggle. Standard sound and volume controls are provided and the bridge consists of pass through stringing, which supports the overall clean look of the base. Enhancing the overall theme, a wolf claw depicted in pearl inlay livens up the headstock. The DS-S model brandishes a polished black finish from the base to the headstock.

DS-H: Howling Wolf: This model contains all of the form and functional features of the DS-S model. The additional feature of this guitar is the howling wolf on the headstock. The original Fender headstock has a curvature that lends itself well to depicting the wolf in its highly recognizable position. The moon is represented in pearl inlay with a black laminate similar to the base used for the howling wolf silhouette.

DS-C: Custom Wolf: This model contains the same overall form and functional features of the DS-S model. However, this model has a stunning realistic airbrush* on the front of the base, which provides a powerful visual of just what this guitar is capable of - pure energy and aggression. Let the audience know exactly what they are in for the moment the spotlights hit the stage. The headstock has also been customized to include a similar paint scheme to provide a balanced look to the guitar.

DSOTT: Custom Wolf: This model represents the over-the-top line for the DS-Wolf Series. In addition to the stunning paint scheme* on the DS-C version, the DSOTT version sports an additional toggle switch that allows for the illumination of the wolf's eye. The eye consists of brilliant red LEDs behind a faceted lens. The lighting is passively tied to the guitar circuitry enabling the eye to illuminate as the strings are played. A built in sound threshold dial allows the player to control the frequency and timing of the flashing beam. The control to set the threshold level and the battery compartment for the auxiliary LED power are both located on the backside of the wolf base. Let them know you mean business by firing up the light beams as you kick into the solo the crowd has been waiting for all night.

* Attempts to identify ownership rights, if any, of the wolf image utilized for the design concept were unsuccessful. If rights do exist on this image obtained from public domain, then those copyright remain with the original owner. Should a situation arise, the design can be altered to represent another royalty free variation of this natural and common wolf expression.