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Feature: HTML Photo
Artist: Brian Doerfler
The actual photo was from the Den's Bio section. Sometime back I saw an example of this on another website. If you look closely, it is basic HTML syntax with the image effect generated through font tag manipulations. I wasn't sure how the example page was produced, but I had some extra cycle times so I decided to try my hand at it. It was obvious that I would need to create a program to actually parse the image, determine the appropriate color blocking and output the desired HTML. Considering that most of my day is spent with Java, I fired up Eclipse and went to work.

The first task was to parse the image and determine the proper color for the corresponding color block. By default, I blocked the image into 5px8p chunks. This was a pretty good representative size for a -3 font size. In each chunk, I read in each pixel and determined the overall color which best represented that specific area in the picture. This was completed for each of the chunks in the image. Once that was completed, I simply parsed through a user configurable display string (in this case it was "doerflersden"). For each letter, I retrieved the appropriate chunk color from the image parse step and then wrapped this in a font tag.

The HTML Photo Generator is in its initial version, however, I am very pleased with it. The program is able to parse any JPEG image, and output any string of characters to reproduce the image in straight HTML.

Hope you enjoy!