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The Tasty updated 12/17/06

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TV Shows That Are Worth Our Time

  • Firefly - Okay, this is kind of cheating since it has been canceled. However, some friends of mine gave me the series on DVD and now I am officially hooked. This show is one of the best kept secrets to date. So much so, that it apparently didn't get renewed. I was entertained from the very beginning and this show is so cleverly put together you never know what is going to happen next - one thing for sure, you will laugh, you will jump, you will be entertained. Please, Please, Please bring it back!!
  • Friday Night Lights (NBC) - I was pretty skeptical at first that they could take such a great movie and bring it to the masses each and every week. To this point, I have to congratulate them since I find myself watching it every Tuesday. I wish there would be more football games in the series, (averaging about once every other week), but they are staying true to the movie and non-game episodes just make me want to watch it again the next week.
  • Miami Ink (TLC) - I am totally hooked on this show. The characters are interesting and extremely talented. But even more impressive is the interaction with their customers. In one sitting they play the role of a counselor helping someone get over a recent loss through a memorial tattoo. A few minutes later they are giving someone the confidence to take on the world with a perfectly rendered tiger. We're hooked and could easily watch it for hours on end.
  • CSI (CBS) - This show continues to keep me tuning it. I am not sure if it is the actors, the gruesome crime scenes or the nuances of the plot, but it all appears to be working
  • American Chopper (DSC) - I can generally do without the contrived conflict between the Tuttles. It is probably a key component in the reality formula, but the show can easily stand on just their creativity and trade skills. I enjoy seeing the thought process/design and problem solving that goes into a delivered product.
  • Two and a Half Men (CBS)- This is one of the few shows that I consider actually FUNNY. The writing is edgy and witty and delivered with perfect comical timing. I can always count on a couple good laughs during the course of this show.
  • Survivor (CBS) - To be honest here, my interest in this is starting to dimenish. I like to watch competition and have always enjoyed the opportunity to watch social interaction (give me access to a street fair or a Walmart and I'll stand there for hours). This show has the ability to deliver both and in the past has delivered. This latest version is lacking something but I have not been able to put my finger on what that is yet - it may have just played itself out.
  • March Madness (CBS) - Simply The finest that televised sports has to deliver
  • Ghost Hunters (Sci-Fi) - Thanks to Linda, I am now watching this show. I resisted as long as I could on the principle that a) ghosts do not exist and b) people who believe in ghosts are generally not all there. So when I saw a show with this title I immediately dismissed it as sensationalism. I bought Linda the first season on DVD for Christmas so she started watching it every night before bed. This meant I had to watch a little bit of it as well (or at least until I finally got to sleep). Next thing I know I am watching them all the way through and asking when we can watch the next episode. I think the hook here is characters on this show are actually focused more on dismissing hauntings than they are trying to hype them. Next season starts March 29th and I'll more than likely be there

TV Shows That Are NOT Worth Our Time

  • American Inventor (ABC) - This show totaly sucks. The judges have absolutely zero camera chemistry and the show progresses like a root canal. There is absolutely no way this show will last up against the CSI, Earl and Office lineups on the competing channels.
  • Saturday Night Live (NBC) - Okay, I saw a couple of quick clips from the web (Narnia Rap and Portman's Rap) that wasn't too bad, but is there ANYTHING else about that show that is worth my time watching? Answer: Nope - I actually feel sorry for the horse they keep beating whenever they have a half way decent joke.