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The Tastyupdated 12/15/06

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Music We're Currently Cranking in the Den (oh, and take notice of the Indie trend - that isn't by accident)

  • Zakk Wylde - Book of Shadows Based on Zakk's past as the Ozzy Axe and Black Label Society front man, I had an assumption on what this album would sound like. Well, I was wrong, dead wrong. This album contains some smokin' guitar work (I did expect that)and more of a slower, rock-ballad type approach to the lyrics (which I was not expecting.)
  • Parlour Steps - The Great Perhaps (Indie) - I believe this band is out of Vancouver Canada and I learned about them through the Seattle and Beyond podcast. They have a very unique sound with a mixture of string instruments and electric guitars. I highly recommend the second song on this album (The Modern Today) if are looking for a catchy song that will stay with you long after the song finishes (I especially like the crisp guitar riffs). Subtle is a perfect song if you need to relax - you may have to listen to it a couple of times before it grows on you (although I was hooked at first listen and really drove my decision to make the purchase." "My dreams lately have been horrifying me - sometimes it's more restful to be awake"
  • Thriving Ivory - Thriving Ivory (Indie) - Seems like a waited forever for this album to come out. I had heard two of their songs from the Seattle and Beyond podcast and then caught two more on their myspace page. If you like voices a little of the beaten path and enjoy an excellent piano driven rock, then this album is for you. Unhappy is my favorite of the songs - I must have listened to this about 80 times now and every single time I take the lyrics another way. Angels on the Moon and Hey Lady are another two I just simply enjoy listening to. Buy it, Listen, Enjoy and Listen to the songs again because I guarantee you will find subtle choices of words that can lead you in different directions based on different viewpoints./LI>
  • Never Quiet Never Still - The Truth (Indie) - Another gem found on the Seattle and Beyond podcast. Lindsey Wilt has a powerful voice that blends well with the brooding guitar work on this album. I recommend cranking the title song all the way up till the overdriven guitars are shaking your walls. Things brighten up a bit with the next two songs, but then follows up with Echoes which provides a nice bookend to the title song. Pair the last song (20,000 Miles) with the Subtle from the Parlour Steps and all of your stress will simply melt off you - looking forward to their new song due out very soon.
  • Paul Durham - Ten Million Years (Indie)- This is a carry over from my addiction to the band Black Lab. Paul was the lead in this band and has released this collection of hits from the Black Lab days as well as some new songs. This album is just plain awesome - the haunting vocal stylings of Paul along with the driving guitar work perfectly together. If you like the live and acoustic versions of the Lab songs (12-15) I highly recommend going out and getting the Black Lab album with the studio releases.
  • Black Lab - See The Sun (Indie) - If you saw my last entry, you already know I like Black Lab. I waited a long long long time for this album to come out. Learn to Crawl and Wide Open were released as singles previously (I think one of them was on a Buffy soundtrack and I'm not sure how the other one was put out. Luckily, he decided to put them on this compilation along with a solid lineup of new offerings. I can only hope that we get a chance to hear more from the Lab or at least some more solo stuff from Paul
  • Tourist - Relevance of Motion (Indie) - Again, another find from a music podcast (Insomnia Radio). I had only heard on song of this album and based on that decided to take a chance and see what else they had to offer. I will not go into the whole free song generates album revenue again, but this one is another on the win side. It is a solid rock album with heavy influence from Tool in the driving undertones. Jacob's Ladder was the song that led me to the album, but in all honesty, this is one of the few albums where I like just about every song on it.

Music That sucks so bad it Hurts our Ears

  • Thanks to the RIAA crap, I have now found Indie outlets for my music needs - oh, and you can put anything by Metallica in this category. Of course, if you are still drinking from the fountain of crap, go buy the Milkshake song and give your ears some apparently badly needed punishment.