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Movies We Currently Recommend

  • Serenity - Awhile back, some friends of mine gave me the Firefly series as a gift. I had never heard of it before (apparently by the creator of Buffy) and I was a little concerned that it had already been canceled. I finally got around to watching a few of the episodes a few weeks ago and was blown away. Violence, humor, Action, Companions.... what more would you want in a show 8^). Anyway, the Serenity movie was based on that series. Since I liked the series, I decided to give the movie a chance. All I can say is WOW - totally impressed! - Now I want the series back ... please
  • First Decent - This movie was pretty amazing. As an avid snowboarder myself, I can assure you there is no chance you will ever get me on the mountains they were shredding in Alaska. I can related to Farmer's crash thow - nothing as spectacular as his shot, but I now know what it feels like to have internal bleeding 8^). If you want to know what you can do on a snowboard, this is the movie to watch!

Movies We Recommend Avoiding

  • Talledega Nights - I was actually excited about taking this in since I enjoy watching NASCAR and although a hit/miss relationship with Wil Ferrell movies this looked like it had a good chance. NOPE. I pretty much put this in the miss category. There are plenty of things to joke about when it comes to the NASCAR theme, but unfortunately it was more like a wreck.... actually wrecks in stock car races are generally exciting, but not this one.