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Often times, we hike out of the woods and watch the human vehicles pass by on the local highway. We find it fascinating that people are so willing to spread little insights about themselves on their dog tags - or as you like to call them, license plates. Here are some of our favorites so far!

Plate Decypher
JEEVS 2 Hey, I have a question (if you got that, you are a true computer geek ... very sad)
I NURSE 3 One ... two ... hey, we're one short (at least I hope so - bio-food has been causing some strange adaptations 8^)
MESERV 2 Then you be whipped
PSNPOD 5 Most people prefer a bathroom, but I guess a van would work as well
LEXDOIT Let's not!
EQRYTE 2 Not surprised to see a rainbow on that car
ASHAUS 2 Do people actually live in that?
UNILVR 2 It is nice to see monogamy alive and well in 2002
SOBER 83 Nice try, but I don't think the cops are going to buy it
BVERS4 I assume you mean the ones with the big flat tails and goofy teeth 8^)
ICMOLS2 Guess that is better than seeing dead people, although they do have pretty scary claws and what's up with that snout?
LVE GOD This one freaked me out at first. Originally I was appalled since it was telling me to leave God!, Fortunately I passed the vehicle and noticed in my rear view mirror that it really was revealing to the world that all dogs are evil
2 CRABS Somebody has been to the nudy bar. tsk tsk! - note, the car in the next lane had 1 CATCH which brought out a pretty good chuckle as as read right to left
1 NEKED Apparently he doesn't know that it is a state law that you must wear shoes while driving
STLKR 79 Another one (see below) although this one is shooting for 7 to 9 years
7 SIGMA Okay, 6 Sigma makes me sick, but this plain makes me puke
8 HORZN Apparently proud of the fact he visits the Whore Zone
68 WTF As in "What The F*ck?, I wanted 69"
GOGRMA This is funny just because it was full of high school kids (including driver)
BTSKTN At first the second T looked like an I which caused to wonder if he was going blind
MSNBK 1 This person must have a constant craving for Whoppers
PIE4All 88 I already ate ate mine!
DONTH 8 I hate it when someone I don't even know tries to tell me what I can and can't do!
ATEBJD 6 Hey, I am offended!! Please sign my petition to purge this foul license plate from the face of the earth. My initials are BJD and I DON'T like what this person is thinking at all - AAAACCCCKKK
9 BRAIN I live this nightmare everyday - If only had a quarter for every time someone screwed up my name. I say this because a true brain would have a job capable of funding a vehicle better than that crappy truck.
VTQMBY 4 Ahhh, another fine Simpson's fan!
DSERVIN 1 D will make more money if she serves more than one
ANIBUG B*tch can't drive
EMTS R US Probably learned by playing Operation at Toys R Us
DONUT 8 Must be a cop
SAINT 38 Someone thinks too highly of themselves
TEEN 14 Why I want the driving age changed to 18
1 BA FORD Oooh, I'm scared
DIG IT 14 Like right on man!
HWY ENGR If this person worked on Peoria's ramps onto 74, he should have his certification revoked
ETMYPI 2 Can't believe this made it through 8^)
IBTMSTR He apparently beats his sister
NOEFARM I think he meant he does not have e-mail
STLKR 7 As in 7 years
ME HOT 2 See Spot, See Spot Jump on woman's leg, Spot stop it!
ONRYGRL And she is proud enough of it to put it on her plate
LRYBOY You know, that is a kids show
FIEND 6 Kind of makes you wonder who he screwed when he bought the car
PUSHER 3 This could be an interesting traffic stop for a cop
RAM KLR Stop putting the memory in when the computer is on
BELEVE 9 Apparently if you believe in higher beings, you do not have to obey the posted speed limit
MENZA 50 See that little thing-a-ma-jiggy to the left of your steering wheel? If you move that back to the original position, the little blinky light on the back of your car will go out. Last I looked at the road rules, there isn't a rule stating you must leave your turn signal on to drive down a highway - of course I could just be stupid 8^)
RUSH 91 (2:30am Jan 27th) I wouldn't want to speculate, but the fact you couldn't keep your car between the little white lines and slowed to 25 miles an hour on the 474 highway alarms me. Not to mention the fact you almost caused me to wreck when you came into my lane while I was trying to pass you (in order to get the hell away from your road hazard *ss) - luckily I was on my guard when you hit the brakes to slow down for no reason in front of me.
BLUE 135 Hey dude, those plates were originally on a red mustang, now they are on a green Jeep. Either you have made a lot of interesting movies (boom chica boom) or you're using it as an ice breaker with chicks.
MYPOSC2 Ahhh, another Adam Sandler fan!