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Brian's Work History (jump to Linda's)
2006 Caterpillar AD and Chase Bldg - S+PD - Enterprise Architecture (Enterprise Architectures, Corporate IT Strategies, ERP Transformation)
2002 Caterpillar AD Bldg - Global IT Solutions - Architecture and Strategy (Enterprise architectures, corporate IT strategies)
2000 Caterpillar AD Bldg - Corporate Information Services - Application Development Design and Implementation (Java, DCE, Application Architecture)
1998 Caterpillar AD Bldg - Corporate Information Services - INet Architecture (Java, Perl, HTML, JavaScript, HPUX, NT)
1996 Caterpillar AD Bldg - Corporate Information Services - Reusable Components (C, Pro/Engineer, Motif, HPUX)
1994 Caterpillar Tech Center - CIMTECH - Structured Design Procedures (C, Solid Modeling, Pro/Engineer, Motif, Apollo)
1990 Caterpillar Tech Center - CIMTECH - Analysis and Design (C, Oracle, OSF Motif, DEC/VAX)
1989 Caterpillar Tech Center - CAECAM - Analysis and Design (DEC/VAX, Fortran, Oracle, Cyber Systems)
1989 Caterpillar DPGO CGT
1988 United State Post Office - Night Casual (Entry Point Bulk Sorter, Zipcode Level Case Sorter, OCR Operator)
1983-1987 Jewel Grocery Store Springfield Illinois - Bagger, Facer, Checker
Linda's Work History
2004 Tech Center - S+PD Business Unit Support - Engineering Software Support (Sr. Supervisor)
2003 Mossville- S+PD Business Unit Support - 6 Sigma Black Belt
2000 Caterpillar CV Building - Track Type Tractor Division - Infrastrusture Services (Supervisor)
1996 Caterpillar AD Bldg - Corporate Information Services - Client Service Services (DCE, Entera, Encina, App Design Consulting)
1993 Caterpillar AD - Corporate Information Services - Network Support Analyst (Cisco Routers, WAN)
1989 Caterpillar Tech Center - Processing Networking Division (Network Data Mover)
1989 Caterpillar DPGO CGT
1989 Rank Video Services in Northbrook Illinois - Software Developer
Summer 1988 Upward Bound Program at Marycrest College - Tutor Counselor
Summers 1987, 1988 Wacky Waters in Davenport Iowa -Ticket Office, Slide Attendant
1986-1989 Augustana College - Band librarian, Math Tutor, Computer Lab Proctor, Teacher's Assistant
1986 Litton Industries in Davenport Iowa - Clerk
1985-1986 American Inventory Company in Davenport Iowa - Inventory counter
Summers of 1984, 1985 Wacky Waters in Davenport Iowa (Ticket Office)