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Enteprise Architecture I spend my days reviewing, recommending and consulting on enteprise-wide IT architecture. Most of my focus is on the space sitting between application development/deployment and infrastructure planning/operations. As I have had the opportunity to expand my activities across the enterprise, I have been forced to drift further and further away from the technology bits and byte specifics and instead concentrate on the enablement of business strategies and initiatives. Luckily I work with a group of individuals that I rely on every day to give me the details when I need them.
Programming I have programmed in a number of languages in the past (Fortran, C, C++), however, I quickly migrated to my languate of choice which is Java. Fortunately for me, my day job allows me to emerse myself in the language. Although I migrated away from the day to day programming task in the office, I still spend every chance I get cranking out apps based on whatever idea pops in my head that week. The best part of it is I do not have any deadlines on those projects 8^)
Computer Graphics One of main hobbies is computer graphics. You could probably tell that if you spent anytime at this site. Unfortunately, I have not been able to dedicate as much time to it as I want to. Plans are underway to correct this, but till then I cherish any free time when I can use any of my favorite tools. TrueSpace 5 and Paint Shop Pro 6 are two of my favorites, which by the way, were used to create all of the graphics on this site. My newest venture is Flash - wish me luck!
Digitizing Although my friends give me grief for this, I am responsible for digitizing images for our embroidery business. Although I originally thought it would be an easy extension of the computer graphic work I do, it became evident pretty quick that the sewing aspect of this makes it quite different. Don't panic, once the digitizing is done, I pass it off to Linda for the actual stitching steps 8^)
Drawing Most of my day is spent in meetings with pencil and paper in hand. That gives me plenty of opportunity to hone, drill, perfect ... my drawing skills. Okay, okay, what I really mean to say is I am slave to "doodle". Over the years I have improved my skills which have also helped out in my CG efforts. Someday I plan on taking some real classes - till then I will continue to work on memo pads and napkins 8^)
Linda's Work History
Networking Like Brian, Linda has spent her career in the computer industry. Her specialty is networking. She started out being responsible for corporate data transfer utilities and then migrated to supporting the wide area network for Caterpillar. She is now a supervisor resonsible for Infrastructure Services in one of Caterpillar's business units.
Dog Training Linda is responsible for whipping (figuratively of course) the little ones into shape. She has done a fantastic job with the Eddie allowing him to bring home a number of trophies. Kerby started his first lesson on 8/1/02. With Linda's handling and Eddie's help, we're expecting big things from the little guy.
Sewing Linda manages our EddieSoft embroidery business. She also enjoys other sewing activities including quilting, doll making, and holiday decorations to name a few. Her creative ideas and hard work has won her a number of ribbons in the local and state fairs. The downside of all this is our house is getting inundated with cute stuff 8^)
Miniatures Linda enjoys building and decorating dollhouses. Before we were married, we decided to build a huge Victorian dollhouse. As it turns out, we couldn't put it completely together in my apartment because it wouldn't fit. After we got married we moved into a new apartment with an extra room just for the house. To put it into perspective, we actually decided to buy our house because it had an alcove in the living room that the house fit into perfectly. If you are looking for an activity to spend with your spouse, I highly recommend this. For the men that are reading this and chuckling, keep in mind that you are probably underestimating the woodworking effort in constructing the shell, not to mention the fact that every room is wired for lights. Linda has already made four large houses and is in the progress of completing a log cabin. As soon as she gets that done, she will be putting together a large lighthouse she recently purchased. We also have plans to re-create a Frank Lloyd Wright house in miniature. We haven't decided which one yet, but we have visited a number of his works all over the states and now have the plans for a number of those buildings. Brian is leaning toward Falling Water, but he needs to finalize how to keep the water away from the porous wood. With that said, the cantilever should be a piece of cake 8^)