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Den Family

Well, here we are. Brian graduated from the University of Illinois College of Engineering and Linda graduated from Augustana College. We both work at Caterpillar Inc. in Peoria IL.  In fact, we met in the Caterpillar College Graduate Training (CGT) program.

The little black toy poodle is Kerberos (Kerby). He is a purebread and has become quite a star in the Agility circuit. To this point, he has 12 titles and will be looking to add more this year. He may be a mere 5 pounds, but he is fearless on the agility equipment and surprises everyone by how high he can jump. When he isn't training for more titles, he spends his days keeping Rizzi in line.

The white toy poodle is Osiris (Rizzi). He is a purebread with full champion lines out of Terra Haute Indiana. He is still learning the tricks of the Agility dog trade, but looks to be just as good if not better than his brother Kerby. He is a little more timid than Kerby was so it will be interesting to see how he progresses. Right now he is just a bundle of energy (Linda calls him her "Blonde" dog) and is more than willing to just cuddle up in your lap and relax for the night. One thing for sure, Rizzi has helped us move on from the loss of Eddie.

We are sad to say that our trustworthy companion has passed on to a better place. Eddie was our first poodle and quite frankly we still miss his friendship to this day. Eddie was a purebred show dog and spent quality time with Linda in obedience school every Tuesday and Wednesday night at P.O.T.C.  He started out by taking first place in his beginner class. He was also "Top Dog For 1998" in the P.O.T.C. Novice A Division. It was 10 wonderful years we will never forget.

Brian: Born 01/17/67 in Springfield Illinois.
Linda: Born 10/01/66 in Davenport Iowa.
Kerberos (Kerby): Born 04/29/02 in Clinton Iowa.
Osiris (Rizzi): Born 02/04/05 in Terre Haute Indiana.
Eddie: Born 05/30/94 - 1/10/2004 : Clinton Iowa.